Insulation for piping in cleanroom environments

InsulClean is an insulation material specially developed for insulating piping in cleanroom environments within various industries, such as the semiconductor industry, the biotech, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and medical sector. Compared to conventional insulation products, InsulClean offers numerous technical advantages. Due to the very good thermal properties, it contributes to reducing operating costs. In addition, InsulClean is a very clean material, specifically developed for combating contamination in cleanroom environments and hygienic processes.

These benefits are the result of the innovative production technology and composition of the InsulClean insulation. InsulClean is made from an advanced type, fine foam with a closed cell matrix, originally developed to meet the strict standards that apply within the aviation industry. The cellular materials are odorless, durable, moisture and mold resistant and have a flexible structure.

InsulClean is the only foam-based insulation product that meets the specifications of the FM4910 Clean Room Materials Protocol.

The material can be used both indoors and outdoors. Because it is UV-resistant, the technical performance is preserved. The installation is quick and very easy. Thanks to the flexible, resilient structure and minimal insulation thickness, InsulClean can also be easily installed in hard-to-reach places.  

Product features and benefits:

• In accordance with cGMP
• FM490 accreditation
• Easy to clean (resistant to cleaners and maintenance products)
• Resistant to high pressure cleaning at high temperature
• Immune to almost all chemicals
• Anti bacterial growth (ASTM-G21-96)
• Prevents contamination
• Wide applicable temperature range (-80 ° C to + 160 ° C)
• Surface temperature remains below 50 ° C
• Lowest possible flame and smoke development (ASTM E84 / (B-s1-d0)
• UV resistant
• Flexible material that can be used in any environment without special preparation
• Round shape, no sharp edges and light weight. Uniform appearance.
• Available in all ASME, BPE, ISO & DIN tube standards

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